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Flex™ 1 Tent

MSF Standard

  • Key Features
    • Waterproof, rotproof & UV-stabilised

    • Polyester outer tent fabric with double-stitched seams

    • Includes extra inner tent & extra ground sheet for winter use

    • Convertible to all weather conditions, suitable for family of 5 people

  • Dimensions
    Total living area

    4.30 m x 4.30 m

    Vestibule area

    1.00 m x 1.50 m

    Vestibule height

    1.70 m

    Centre height

    2.25 m

    Wall height


    Total size

    4.00 m x 4.00 m

    Centre height

    2.10 m

    Two aluminum poles, black, 13 sections corner-corner assembly

    13 mm / 8.12 m

    Two aluminum poles, silver, 11 sections sideside assembly

    13 mm / 6.82 m

    Two aluminum poles, black, six sections front and rear vestibule

    13 mm / 4.55 m

  • Materials
    Outer tent

    Roof: 160 gsm Polyester, grey

    Inner tent

    Outer fold: 110 gsm Polycotton, white Middle fold: 80 gsm Polyester felt filling Inner fold: 110 gsm Polycotton

    Ground sheet

    Polyethylene (HDPE), stitched in bathtub, 100 mm double stitching above ground, grey

    Extra ground sheet

    For winter use: 100% synthetic yarns in 2/2 twill structure, grey

  • Downloads


Key features video
Tent assembly video
Dome connection video