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Winterisation Kit for Viva™ Family Tents


  • Key Features
    • Kit includes 5 insulated sleeping mats, 1 winterisation liner, 1 partition, 1 heat-resistant floor protection (for stove) & 1 heat-resistant chimney sleeve

    • All materials & additives are non-toxic, free from asbestos and other toxic products according to the EC regulations

    • Individually packed in a strong, waterproof plastic bag made of standard plastic tarpaulin.

    • Specially designed for Viva™ Family Tents

    • Designed to protect families against cold from the ground or from any other floors during cold weather

    • Designed to fit together to the liner’s attachment points and heater flue pipe protection. All materials are fully fire retardant.

    • Can be used in any tent to protect the ground sheet when using a stove or heater.

    • Can be used only with tents originally equipped with standard chimney patch and flap as described in our Viva™ Family Tent or in Viva™ Family Framed Tent specifications

    • Specially designed for Viva™ Family Tents

  • Dimensions
    Floor mat

    1.8 m x 0.9 m per mat

    Inner liner

    Centre height 2.3 m wide, 1.35 m wall height, 3.8 m base length (slightly different as per tent description)

    Floor protection

    Four to six plates 4 mm thickness, 0.5 m x 1 m total surface

    Heat-resistant sleeve

    350 mm x 700 mm base, 400 mm length, 150 mm hole diameter

  • Materials
    Floor mat

    1st layer, plastic floor mat: Tight woven twill structure, double thickness, virgin PP multifilament 500 deniers inwarp, minimum 1,000 tubes/meter, 500 gsm minimum weight 2nd layer, alumnised canvas: Synthetic canvas with durable aluminium coating 3rd layer, fleece blanket: Refer to our Medium Thermal Synthetic Blanket specifications

    Inner liner

    130 gsm ±10% in finished state except fire retardant weight Tensile strength: ISO 13934-1, warp and weft 300 N minimum Tear strength: ISO 9073-4, warp and weft 20 N minimum Colours: Available in yellow, beige, cream or sand

    Floor protection

    Fibrocement plates, 100% fire proof and rigid material

    Heat resistant sleeve

    100% fireproof, tearproof, waterproof soft canvas Tear resistance under ISO 9073-4: minimum 40 N Waterproof under ISO 811: minimum 20 hpa (20 cm)

  • Downloads


Assembly video
NRS International explainer video
Aerial overview of HSNDS factory