Production Capacity

Our factory is spread out over three manufacturing sites, covering a space of 28 football pitches (50 acres) that hosts various specialized production units. Recent upgrades have modernized our manufacturing facilities significantly, offering safe, clean and comfortable workspaces and communal facilities, such as a canteen and prayer areas.

On a monthly capacity, our skilled staff take pride in manufacturing up to:

video gallery - sleeping mat

  • 20,000 family tents;
  • 100 mobile storage units;
  • 450,000 tarpaulins;
  • 600,000 blankets;
  • 100,000 water containers; and
  • 100,000 sleeping mats.

*Production capacity might vary depending on demand and emergency response situations.

Emergency stock available 24/7

Our dedicated quality management team conducts ongoing audits and implements new procedures to optimize product performance and meet new standards. We ensure that all of our emergency stockpiles in Dubai and Pakistan are available 24/7 to immediately respond to client demands and humanitarian crises. 
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