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Dispensary Tent

IFRC Standard

  • Key Features
    • 27.5-sqm waterproof tent ideal for medical, educational, office, storage or accommodation use

    • Especially designed for high resistance to wind, rain and micro-organisms

    • Has triangular ventilation windows, replaceable logo windows, and cable connectors for power supply

    • Optional accessories consist of bath tub ground sheet and shade net, as well as an option for fire retardancy treatment

    • Several tents can be assembled in line with the built-in connection strip

    • Easy set up with three to four personnel in 30 minutes

    • Suitable for 8-20 people.

  • Dimensions
    Total size

    5.00 m x 5.50 m (width x length)

    Centre height

    2.50 m

    Wall height

    1.80 m

  • Materials

    Aluminium frame with 40 mm diameter and 2mm thickness.8 standing poles of 175 cm along with base plate - 8 ridge beam pole of 145 cm - 9 ridge poles of 171 cm - 12 connectors.

    Roof, wall and door

    High quality canvas fabric of 440 gsm, waterproof

    Ground sheet

    PE fabric, 175-180 gsm, white

  • Optional Accessories
    • 4x candy cane-shaped pegs made from twisted rod, 12 mm thickness and 40 cm length; 16x L-shaped pins made from twisted rod, 10 mm thickness and 20 cm length; 20x candy cane pegs, 30 cm length

    • Sledge hammer with wooden handle

  • Downloads


Key features video
Tent assembly video
Tent production video
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