Type of emergency: Natural disaster

Asia-Pacific remains the world’s most disaster-prone region and in 2018 natural disasters once again affected millions of people. The earthquake that triggered a tsunami in Sulawesi (Indonesia) in October 2018 was the deadliest to strike since 2006. Over 300,000 victims were forced to live in shelters and tents as more than 65,000 houses were damaged.

Country at a glance

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Our response

NRS Relief immediately mobilized emergency shelters in support of the earthquake response in Indonesia led by the UN Migration Agency (IOM) to meet the emergency shelter needs of displaced persons in the region. The operation was funded by the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.

The photography represents the process of tent displacement via air cargo to implementation in the field. (Image courtesy of @iomjakarta via Instagram).

Tents transported via air cargo for implementation in the field. (Image courtesy of @iomjakarta via Instagram).

IOM emergency shelters were supplied to Balikpapan airport via B767 charter flight. The challenging logistic operations were successfully executed in collaboration with NRS Relief logistics team and DHL Global Forwarding Dubai.

Our Asia Rapid Response team managed to release the emergency stock in a matter of days once the order was confirmed. It can be characterized as a very challenging emergency response due to the complicated logistics procedures in terms of permissions to grant to operate charter flights. The team had very limited time to complete the delivery due to the closure of  Balikpapan airport in Indonesia. The immediate and direct collaboration with the IOM Global Procurement and Supply Unit in Manila, Philippines, was the key to a successful and speedy delivery.