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Legend™ 45 Tent

MSF/ICRC/IFRC Standard (Fire Retardant - Optional)

  • Key Features
    • Fire retardant, waterproof, rotproof & UV-stabilised

    • Can be used for schooling, office, clinic, health centre, storage or temporary shelter purposes and can be attached to one another to make a longer structure

    • Can be attached to one another to make a longer structure with optional tent features including an inner tent to increase protection from heat, cold, wind, dust, insects, and a set of five partitions to create separate areas and closed cabins inside the inner tent

    • Shade net available for hot climates to place over the tent for increased heat protection.

    • Suitable for 20-40 people

  • Dimensions
    Total size

    7.50 m x 6.00 m

    Ridge height

    3.00 m

    Side wall height

    2.10 m

    Total size

    7.20 m x 5.70 m

    Ridge height

    2.80 m

    Side wall height

    1.95 m

  • Materials
    Outer tent

    Roof, wall: Polycotton blended fibre yarns, 440 gsm for the roof, 320 gsm in finished state for the walls

    Mud flaps

    PVC coated fabric polyester 1100 dtex, PVC coated two sides 540 gsm

  • Downloads


Key features video
Tent assembly video
Tent production video
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