Corporate governance

Corporate governance can be defined as the systems, policies and processes in place which determine how companies are managed, controlled and directed. For NRS Relief, governance mechanisms reflect our purpose to supply quality life-saving products for those in need, while curbing our impact on the planet.

As a company supplying to the humanitarian sector, we place strong emphasis on governance through internal policies and standard operating procedures. Our aim is to create an equitable organization, to offer jobs with dignity and ensure human and workplace rights are respected at all times.

Every new staff member who joins the Dubai office is introduced to NRS Relief’s code of conduct and employee handbook, the latter which contains our policies and procedures for grievance, health and safety, learning and development, among other subjects.

Our Code of Conduct

Our business ethos is built upon the notions of responsible and sound business practices. It is our aim and policy to ensure that our businesses operate in line with high standards of integrity, transparency and legality. These concepts, taken into a wider context, form the backbone of our “17 Ethical Principles” in the following order:


Loyality and diversity

Compliance and respect for the law

Safeguarding of fundamental human rights

(Free) Competition

(No) Money laundering and due diligence checks

(No) Political contributions

(No) Corruption and inappropriate

Conflicts of interest

Labor standards

(No tolerance) Human trafficking

Health and safety of workers

Protection of environment


Limitation of liability

(of the code)

Equal Opportunities