Our Vision and Mission

Central to our approach to business is the thorough understanding of the purpose of the work carried out by our clients. We align our business capabilities with the goals and needs of humanitarian and development actors, who respond to pressing issues such as forced displacement and natural disasters.

As a leading supplier of shelter solutions, core relief items and solar products, our team is guided by our overarching vision and mission.

Our vision

To provide essential solutions to all actors responding to humanitarian crises, aimed at meaningfully impacting the lives of the affected people.

Our mission

We design, develop and deliver value-engineered solutions to the humanitarian sector. We embrace responsible business practices, and create life-improving products in partnership with our clients.

Our History

NRS Relief has been in the business of designing, developing and supplying life-improving products to humanitarian actors for over 40 years. We are trusted by UN agencies like UNICEF, UNHCR, ICRC, leading NGOs and many more to supply relief essentials, shelter solutions, multipurpose tents and mobile storage units. Our long-standing relationship with our manufacturing arm, H. Sheikh Noor-ud-din & Sons (HSNDS) is crucial for an efficient supply of high-quality solutions to our beneficiaries, those displaced by natural disasters and conflicts.

We have witnessed a steady growth of our product portfolio and global reach. Over time, we have invested in research and development, innovation and in our human capital to meet the humanitarian challenges of today. We have an in-house product design team specialized in value-engineering solutions for humanitarian actors, co-creating new products in partnership with clients.