Country response

As part of our commitment to provide relevant information, we introduce a series of country responses, highlighting the humanitarian and health emergencies where the products that we supplied are deployed from 2017 onwards. We operate in a complex supply chain, yet we aim to provide insight on the road ‘from factory to field’.

There is a story behind every shipment and we illustrate how our team has responded to client requests. This evidence-based contribution provides valuable information about the current pressures and challenges on the emergency response system, as well as insight into the social impact of the products we supply.

However, we would like to emphasize that even though we track our data thoroughly, it is impossible for us to provide exact data on end-users reach. As a supplier, we either deliver directly to affected countries or we supply to our client’s humanitarian depots. In the latter situation, tents and relief items are dispatched on a needs-basis and we do not know when and where the goods are dispatched to.

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