Our shelter perspective

Shelter is far more than a roof and four walls

Shelter is a basic human need and is critical for survival in most disasters. At NRS Relief, we have developed shelter solutions for over 45 years, supplying refugee tents, multipurpose shelters, core relief items such as tarpaulins, and mobile storage units to UN agencies, international NGOs and bilateral donors. Our aim is to offer cost-effective, fit-for-purpose quality shelters and aid essentials, keeping the real needs of beneficiaries in mind.

The changing humanitarian landscape

Every humanitarian crisis requires a unique response, taking the cultural and geographical context into consideration. Our latest product catalogue is designed to assist procurement officers and senior managers working in the humanitarian community to make informed decisions, ensuring the most suitable product is sourced to fulfill the needs of each specific situation.

The humanitarian landscape is shifting rapidly, and new solutions need to be explored to solve the biggest refugee crisis at hand, since the Second World War. This includes a new way of thinking on how to accommodate displaced populations, acknowledging the socio-political context, the type and phase of the response.

In 2018 every minute 25 people were forced to flee, five times more than a decade earlier. These people have left their homes in an instant due to floods, earthquakes, cyclones or conflicts, leaving them powerless.

Shelter assistance goes far beyond tent distribution

Families who have been impacted by such events always need sheltering. We recognize that a shelter is much more than a roof and walls. It is a temporary home, critical for survival and security, personal safety and protection against harsh climate conditions. It upholds human dignity and enables family life until permanent homes are ready.

Shelter assistance stretches far beyond the distribution of tents. It allows households to recover, for instance by providing tarpaulins to fix damaged structures, or to create housing solutions using locally sourced materials (i.e. bamboo in combination with tarps). Equally important is the need to restore community buildings, such as temporary clinics, schools, offices and mobile warehousing.

We not only provide shelter and community solutions for every stage of a humanitarian response; we also offer technical assistance and advice to define the approach to sheltering and community resilience, for each specific situation. We conduct field assessments to understand the local environment and the challenges faced, such as logistical barriers or country- specific needs.

Our perspective

Shelter is a basic human right

Protect dignity; quality counts

Durable and cost-effective solutions

Continuous product innovation

Understanding local environment and beneficiaries’ needs

Promote recycling and sustainability