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Viva™ Stove

UNHCR / ICRC / IFRC Standard

  • Key Features
    • Simple yet efficient wood-burning steel stove and heater design adapted to fit a standard family tent and other type of shelter structures that have appropriate chimney opening

    • Works best with our Viva™ Winterisation Kit

    • Composition: Loading door & air intake control, a stand welded to the stove, and an outlet to fit with 100 mm pipes

  • Dimensions
    Master package size

    88 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm

    Chimney pipe

    50 cm long

    Chimney outlet

    90 mm

    Weight of stove without accessories

    16 kg + 1 kg

  • Materials

    Steel, 2 mm thick

    Chimney outlet

    Steel, 90 mm outlet

    Six chimney pipes

    Galvanised steel, anti-rust

    Two 20" chimney elbows

    Steel, anti-rust

    Chimney hood

    Steel, anti-rust

    Anti-spark disc



    Two brackets for holding pipes to the support made of anti-rust iron sheet

    Tripod support

    Adjustable tripod support painted in hot dip anti-rust paint, made of steel pipe

    Stove support

    Made of square steel tube, minimum 25 mm x 1 mm thick, anti-rust paint


    Stove and all parts: steel colour

  • Downloads


Assembly Video (Inside Tent)
Assembly Video (Without Tent)
HSNDS factory video - aerial view
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