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  • Key Features
    • Designed in response to the Ebola epidemic in 2014. This medical tent can be deployed in cases of hemorrhagic fever outbreaks such as Ebola and Lassa.

    • Offers solutions such as treatment and isolation rooms for both suspected and confirmed patients

    • Individual cabins for suspected patients prevent cross-contamination between infected and healthy patients

    • The medical tent is constructed in a way no (infected) material can accumulate on tent surface, in seams or other parts

    • Designed to allow freedom of movement and easy operation like opening/closing of the doors with magnetic closures and wearing protective clothing

    • Special treatment cabins and other accessories are made of PVC coated polyester or polyethylene tarpaulin with noncorrosive accessories, whereby all seams and attachment points which might get in touch with patients are heat or HF welded

    • All tent components are resistant to chlorine-based disinfectants or other commonly used detergents.

    • Can be erected on various soil conditions and in different climate conditions, from moderate to tropical.

  • Dimensions
    Isolation cabin

    4.2 m x 7.2 m x 2 m = total floor space 30.2 m2; Door opening of 1.8 x 1 m

    Isolation cabins 4x

    2 cabins (2 rooms per cabin) 4.2 m x 3.5 m x 2 m = total floorspace 14.7m2; Total floorspace 2 cabins (total 4 cabins) = 29.4 m2; Total floorspace per room = 7.3m2

    Partition panels

    2 m x 2 m

    Shade net

    6.5 m x 8 m

    Canopy shade net

    6.5 m x 4 m

  • Materials
    Isolation cabin (multi-patient)

    Bathtub style groundsheet: PVC 540 gsm, FR B1, colour: sand or brown • Gables, side walls, doors and hanging points: PVC 450 gsm, FR B1, colour: white • Ventilation panels: PVC coated polyester mesh: 270 gsm, FR B1, colour: white • Side window: PVC clear film, 0.48mm super clear, FR B1

    Isolation cabins (4x individual treatment rooms)

    Bathtub style groundsheet: PVC 540 gsm, FR B1, sand or brown; Gables, side walls, doors and hanging points: PVC 450 gsm, FR B1, white color; Ventilation panels PVC coated polyester mesh, 270 gsm, FR B1, white

    Suspended roof panel

    PE, 250 gsm, FR CPAI 84

    Partition panels

    PVC 540 gsm, FR B1 fabric panels, white color; Aluminium frame construction

    Shade net

    HDPE mesh, 190-195 gsm, FR treated, 80% shade ratio; Polyester webbing

    Canopy shade net

    HDPE knitted mesh, 190 gsm, UV resistant, FR CPAI-84; Polyester webbing

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LegendMEDI tent assembly video
HSNDS factory video
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