Innovation in Action

At NRS Relief, we never stop innovating. We strive to pioneer products that meet the needs of the end-user and the entire humanitarian community. We call this ‘Innovation in Action’.

All our products are the outcome of an extensive product innovation process, often under the guidelines of international agencies, bilateral donors, governments and non-governmental organisations. This results in better quality results, greater client and beneficiary satisfaction and technological breakthroughs that have a real social impact.

Innovation is dynamic problem-solving among friends

Our product development is beneficiary-driven, sustainable and evidence-based. The solutions are the outcome of a cross-cutting process in which each individual and/or institution contributes. We follow a cycle of innovation that invites all those concerned to contribute to the optimal product. This collaboration model is applied to every single relief item that we manufacture, from buckets to blankets, from tents to tarpaulins.


Public-private partnerships

To further strengthen our innovation capacity, we have built strategic public-private partnerships to jointly develop new products that are beneficial to the humanitarian aid sector. Through these critical partnerships, we continue to cultivate a corporate culture of innovation, learning, evaluation and creativity – and we are better able to serve clients and beneficiaries globally. This results in better quality products, greater client and beneficiary satisfaction and technological breakthroughs that have a real social impact.