Our Story

NRS Relief is a family-run business that manufactures innovative, high quality and cost-effective core relief items and multi-purpose shelters. We are trusted by humanitarian aid organisations to deliver the products required to help those in need. Put simply, in times of natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, we are your partner that can be relied upon to achieve your mission, whatever the challenges.

Over the past four decades, NRS Relief, part of NRS International, has developed an enviable range of core relief products and aid essentials designed to respond to any situation. We continue this tradition by pioneering multi-purpose tents for medical, educational, logistic and management support use. You can rest assured that whatever product we offer, it is fully compliant with the highest industry standards.


We manufacture what we sell

We fully control our supply chain and manage the entire product development process from manufacturing through to final delivery. All our products are manufactured by H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS) in Pakistan, our factory that employs 7,400  skilled workers. After our products leave the factory, our expert logisticians facilitate the transportation of our products by air, sea and land to wherever they are required, as well as maintaining strategic stocks in Dubai and Lahore.

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We never stand still

Innovation is in our blood. We work hand in hand with our clients, suppliers and beneficiaries in order to design new solutions and to continually improve our existing products. We are proud that we were the first supplier to offer affordable and fully fire retardant tents and tarpaulins to the humanitarian community, a life-saving innovation which won the Aid Innovation Challenge at AidEx 2014.

We care

Not only is NRS Relief setting a new standard for industry innovation, we are strongly committed to a corporate social responsibility agenda which focuses on our staff, our products and production. Our Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, a non-profit non-government organisation founded by NRS International’s chairing family, spearheads extensive charitable activities in Pakistan and beyond.

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