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Jerry Bucket

Oxfam Standard

  • Key Features
    • An HDPE lid is tightly fitted to the body of the bucket through an improved rim lock design.

    • A larger lid opening with a clip-on-cap allows better cleaning and easier filling from hand pumps.

    • The curved edges at the base prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

    • Easy distribution in large numbers = considerable saving on freight costs.

    • Made of durable UV-resistant plastic that will not deteriorate in harsh sunlight.

  • Dimensions

    14 L min.

    Top diameter

    300 mm ±5%


    300 mm ±5%

    Bottom diameter

    240 mm ±5%

    Cover with clip-on cap

    100 mm ±5%

  • Materials

    Made of food grade virgin HDPE high density polyethylene and virgin LDPE low density polyethylene, according to EN1186-3-9.


    Plastic (LDPE), to ensure the easy to carrying by hand with a strong flat handle (i.e. without sharp edges)

    Manufacturing process

    Injection moulding


    Container: White; lid with clip-on-cap: Bright Green (Pantone 7488c)

  • Downloads


Product video
HSNDS factory video
Production video