About us

NRS Relief is a purpose-driven company that manufactures fit-for-purpose, innovative, high quality and cost-effective refugee tentscore relief items such as tarpaulins, multipurpose tents, mobile storage units and solar products. We are trusted by UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations to deliver the products required by those affected by humanitarian crises or natural disasters.

Over many years, NRS Relief, part of NRS International, has developed an enviable range of core relief products and aid essentials. We continue this tradition by pioneering multipurpose tents for medical, educational, logistic and management support use. All our products are fully compliant with the highest industry and quality standards and undergo quality checks at each stage of the production process. Download our product catalogue

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Check out our newest animated film that explains the manufacturing side of relief work and explores the role that private businesses play in the humanitarian community:

Sustainable business equals smart business

We believe sustainable business makes smart business. We aim to achieve strong economic, social and environmental results, looking beyond short-term gains. Our industry requires a long-term vision and true supplier commitment to ensure new products are developed in response to tomorrow’s challenges, yet answering to today’s unpredictable demand. To emphasize our sense of duty to conduct responsible business, we align our objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are committed to community and charitable activities through our company foundation.

We manufacture what we sell

We fully control our supply chain and manage the entire manufacturing process through to delivery to clients. All our products are manufactured by H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din and Sons (HSNDS) in Pakistan, our factory that employs thousands of skilled workers. After our products leave the factory, our expert logisticians facilitate the transportation of our products by air, sea and land to wherever they are required.

We never stand still

We work hand in hand with our clients, suppliers and beneficiaries in order to design new solutions and to continually improve our existing products. We are proud that we were the first supplier to offer affordable and fully fire retardant tents and tarpaulins to the humanitarian community, a life-saving innovation which won the Aid Innovation Challenge at AidEx Brussels in 2014Our most recent product innovation is the LegendMEDI, a medical tent that has been engineered in response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014. The LegendMEDI, in compliance with MSF standards, is designed for hemorrhagic fever patients, and offers easy-to-disinfect cabins for both confirmed and suspected patients.