Award-winning Fire Retardancy Innovation

2014 saw us create a safety revolution in the humanitarian community.

NRS Relief was the first company to introduce fully fire retardant (FR) tents and tarpaulins. This innovation improves safety in refugee camps and prevents loss of property, injury and death.

The introduction of the FR products is considered a significant milestone in the history of the humanitarian sector. The fire retardancy benchmark, which took years of extensive research and development, and took place under the guidelines of UNHCR and IFRC, meets the following international standards:

  • Pass CPAI section 5 & 6 with maximum 10s after flame average and maximum 30s after flame per test piece
  • Ageing under ISO 4892-2, type A, 360 hours.

Fire retardant tents and tarpaulins

Our UNHCR/ICRC/IFRC standard family tents and all our tarpaulins are available with fire retardants applied to them, making camps safer. Watch this video to know more about the FR testing which we conducted in France in 2014, and the promising results delivered from this field test:

FR innovation wins AidEx 2014 Aid Innovation Challenge Award

NRS Relief was awarded as the winner of the AidEx 2014 Aid Innovation Challenge – Business Entry for its ground-breaking Fire Retardancy solution in the history of humanitarian aid sector.

“The idea behind our fire-retardant tents and tarpaulins came when I was testing a product with a kerosene lamp in my hand: the lamp slipped and the tent set on fire. Within a second it was gone. That was when I realized that these family tents needed to be fire retardant,” says Farhaj Sarwar, Managing Director of NRS Relief, in an interview after the awarding ceremony.

“Winning this kind of recognition matters because it’s for a corporate social responsibility project and we hope that our competitors will be inspired by this, too,” Mr. Sarwar adds.

The 2014 Aid Innovation Challenge was judged live on 12 November 2014 by an expert panel. In case you missed our  Fire Retardancy Innovation pitch and Q & A portion, you can watch the 14-minute video here:

Hosted by the world’s biggest annual humanitarian aid event, the Aid Innovation Challenge aims to find the next big invention that will help those who supply aid products to developing countries around the world.

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