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Viva™ Family Tent

ICRC/IFRC Standard

  • Key Features
    • Waterproof, rotproof, UV-stabilised and fire retardant (optional)

    • 16 m2 main floor area plus two 3.5 m2 vestibules

    • Large windows (360 cm wide and 60 cm long)

    • Minimum living area in hot and temperate climates

    • Suitable for family of 5 people

  • Dimensions
    Total living area

    23 m²

    Main floor

    16 m²

    Two vestibule areas

    3.5 m² x 2 = 7 m²

    Centre height

    2.20 m


    4.00 m

    Ridge length

    4.00 m

    Side wall height

    1.25 m

    Centre base length

    6.60 m

    Total size

    1.30 m x 1.40 m

    Door flaps

    1.40 m x 1.60 m

    Upper part

    1.40 m x 0.90 m (PC)

    Lower part

    1.40 m x 0.70 m (PE)

  • Materials
    Fire retardancy

    Pass CPAI section 5 and 6 with maximum 10s after flame average and maximum 30s after flame per test piece; Ageing under ISO 4892-2, type A, 360 hours.

    Outer tent

    Roof: 380 gsm polycotton, natural white (±10%); Wall: 250 gsm polycotton, natural white (±10%)

    Inner tent

    160 gsm Polycotton, dyed sand or cream

    All PE parts

    Base fabric: Woven high density polyethylene (HDPE) black fibres; Coating: White low density polyethylene (LDPE) on both sides; Tear strength: Minimum 100 N; Tensile strength: Minimum 500 N, 15%-25% elongation in warp and weft

    Ground sheet

    190 gsm polyethylene (HDPE), white, sewn in bathtub (±10%)

  • Downloads


Key features video
Tent assembly video
Tent production video